Surf Spots

Most of the surf breaks in the area are located within 20/40 mins drive and can be easily accessed by tuktuk. They are all different, with its own charm and character. This amazing diversity ideally satisfies seekers for waves and fun of all skills.

Pottuvil Point is only 7 minutes walk from the beach from our resort

Pottuvil Point is every surfers dream tropical wave. Its is popular for its unique setting and location. A long deserted sandy beach ends with a large set of boulders that make it seem somewhat like a Martian landscape, especially in the late evenings.

Pottuvil point is a right-hand point break, he size of the waves range from 2 ft to 6 ft, provides 800 meter rides from the outside section right through to the beach on the inside. The unique thing about this wave is that for most of it you can be working a four-foot face and be only a few meters from the beach as the wave grinds down the sandy point. The outside section sucks up and throw’s out as the swell raps into the point giving a 30 meter wall to work with before it fades as it hits deeper water for about 10 seconds.

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