Is It for You?

This page is intended to help you decide if the experience we offer is suitable for you. Please read it carefully to know what to expect and avoid any disappointment before making your reservation.


We are set right on the beach and there is lots of sand. We do have grass patches with rinsing stations at each cabana/restaurant/yoga shala and several out door showers for you to remove the sand before step in your clean room.


We are situated in a wildlife territory and lagune area you may encounter monkeys, squirrels, snakes, elephants, crocodiles, any kind of insects  and surfers.

Food and Snaking

Please avoid to keep food, fruits, cookies in your room. By doing so, you prevent unwanted visitors like squirrels/insects to not steal your goodie and leaving a mess in your room.

Ac, Fan and Temperature 

None of our cabanas have air conditioning. Whisky Point enjoys an almost permanent sea breeze and the open airy concept of our cabanas with traditional grass roofing keeps it cool all day long. The addition of the fan is usually more than enough to grant a very comfortable temperature.

Towels & Linen 

We do provide towels & linen for all accommodations. They are changed once in  3 days or at your request. No charge.

Party and noise and disturbance  

We have the chance of enjoying a quite remote situation from the beating core of the village while being easily accessible. Our neighbors do a Party once a week on Fridays (They are pretty noise). So there is noise then. Apart from that it’s tranquil all the time.

Keeping Your belongings safe

We have 24/7 security cameras and A full time security guard rotation. Rooms have lockers and Pagodas have Lock boxes so all belongings are 100% safe. Not that it’s unsafe in any way. It’s just an added feature for peace of mind.

As we are an exclusive boutique resort. Only residents or invited guests at any time.

Chill and relaxed.

Low season or rather no surf season 

Please be aware that even if Pottuvil area is one of the driest spots in Sri Lanka, we also have a wet season from November to end of January, and we do get tropical showers. Most are short and you will get enough sun everyday to get fair enough sunburns but we may also have full rainy days once in a while. A beach resort with open cabanas. If you need full sunny days, large crowds of tourists, parties, perfect waves, etc., wait for the high season to visit us. On the other hand, if you want to see the flip side of the postcard, enjoy the silence, the wildlife, explore the surroundings for example: Kumana Park, Kudimbigala temple on your own, observe the fishing and rice farming activities at their peak and much more, come and visit us during the low season, your experience couldn’t be more genuine and we have special seasonal rates

Room Service

Daily or at your request.

Please feel free to ask them to refresh your room whenever it is required. The bedsheets are changed every four nights but can be replaced earlier on demand whenever necessary.

You can Even Enjoy the restaurant orders dropping us a WhatsApp or Telegram Message anytime anywhere in the property.

Road Access and Finding Us. 

We have good clear access roads and safe parking area. Use google maps for directions or call us and we will guide.  We don’t use roadside signs as we like the exclusivity it gives.

Drinking Waters.

We use filling stations and glass bottles to reduce plastic waste. Filling stations are free and easily accessible. Also cold water in exchange for your refilled and cleaned bottle.

Restaurant and Food.

There is a Restaurant on site serving mostly Western & Italian gourmet Food, Smoothies and juices.

Traditional Sri Lankan Cuisine is available on request and cooking classes for Sri Lankan food by our chef if you’d be keen to learn.

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