We've been hearing about climate change recently

Eco responsibility and sustainability

We’ve been hearing so much about climate change recently. The Environment need us to be more conscious and responsible for our daily impact to make it cleaner and safer place to live in. Here, at Whisky Point, we are implementing the basics of eco&sustainability approach to preserve our lovely slice of paradise wild and untouched, as we have discovered it 12 years back. We are still learning and will highly appreciate any advices/guidance and help to improve and become more eco-friendly.

Our Cabanas and Pagodas were designed to be in harmony with an environment. The usage of concrete was minimized to avoid putting an extra pressure on the sand, which cause erosion. Instead we gave preferences to traditional building methods and sustainable materials applied by skilled local craftsmen. We’ve planted more than 80 coconut palm trees on the property for you to enjoy a shade and a wind whispering in the leaves.

None of our cabanas/pagodas have air conditioning, which is crucial for energy saving. The open airy concept of buildings with traditional grass roofing keeps it cool all day long and the addition of the fan is usually more than enough. Who needs air conditioning when you have the natural fresh breeze of the ocean?

We kindly invite our guests to help us to reduce water and energy consumption: reusing your linens when staying more than one night, switching off light/fan when out of cabana. Simple and easy things like that will make a huge difference!

We provide our guests with unlimited drinking water (filtered water, bottled in reusable glass bottles). A filling station at our restaurant is FREE for our guests and save 1000 plastic bottles each month from heading to landfill. This is an achievement! We do not sell/serve water bottled in plastic. Please, help us to keep our beach&ocean clean, obtain of bringing plastic bottles to the hotel!

Great care was taken by the resort to empower a local community. Creating employment opportunities, using local suppliers for our resort/restaurant daily operations, and local providers for our services like safaris, surf lessons etc. All this directly benefit an economic development of Urani Village.

We take care about beach dogs in our area, collecting funds and organizing vaccinations, sterilization, ticks and flees treatments. We highly appreciate any help/donations to improve a well being of this cute creatures.

We do beach clean-ups and will be happy to see our guests as a part of the team! It’s a great way to connect with other travellers and make positive changes happen! Let’s be in charge of our nice surf&chill space together, refreshments and meal from our restaurant for everyone, who joins!

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