Surf Spots

Most of the surf breaks in the area are located within 20/40 mins drive and can be easily accessed by tuktuk. They are all different, with its own charm and character. This amazing diversity ideally satisfies seekers for waves and fun of all skills. 

Peanut Farm

There used to be actual peanuts growing, but after the tsunami in 2004 it affected all the peanut plantations; nevertheless, the name still remains.

The waves here work during the months of June to October. There are two point breaks, the first one that’s immediately on the beach and has the perfect conditions for beginner surfers, and the second break is on the right from the previous break point and it requires a lot more experience as it can get challenging and nice barrels. The size of the wave ranges from 3 ft to 6 ft long up to 500/600 meter all 2 points connected. The waves are a lot bigger and there are more rocks to steer clear of.

When the waves aren’t swelling, this little piece of heaven has relatively clear seas to swim in or just to relax on the swinging beds in the nearby café.

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