Surf Spots

Most of the surf breaks in the area are located within 20/40 mins drive and can be easily accessed by tuktuk. They are all different, with its own charm and character. This amazing diversity ideally satisfies seekers for waves and fun of all skills.

Main Point

The Arugam Bay Main Point is located around 500 meters past the Baby Point. It is easily found, from the town, simply hit the beach and follow the coast till you see the sand dune on right side.

Undoubtedly the cynosure of the Arugam Bay surfing scene, the Main Point is the busiest of all the points. This is because it offers some of the waves and tubes that have all contributed in making it one of the ’10 best places to surf in the world.’ 

The point is a long right-hand point/reef break that breaks at the headland in front of Arugam bay. It is also the best swell magnet of all the points and you can almost always guarantee that the The Point will be a couple of feet bigger than any of the other breaks. It breaks from anything between 2 and 6 feet but tends to close out after 6 feet. Due to its location, it also attracts the biggest crowd but seems to be handle it as it often sections in a few spots. On a good day, it provides a clean rideable wall that will barrel in the sections and give you a 400/600 meter ride right through to the inside. When you ride all the way through the best option is to paddle a few yards to the beach and walk back out to the entry point (booties are advisable as the reef starts from ankle depth). 

Surfing occurs pretty much all the day, with crowds peaking during early morning and late evenings. It’s a cool spot to chill during the day, watching surf show from the dunes or sun bed and enjoying vibes.

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