Elephant Rock

Most of the surf breaks in the area are located within 20/40 mins drive and can be easily accessed by tuktuk. They are all different, with its own charm and character. This amazing diversity ideally satisfies seekers for waves and fun of all skills.

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock is a popular surfing spot for beginners and an area that is secluded from everything else. It is an undiscovered place that’s perfect for exploring untouched beaches and a hiking location where you can take in a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

It’s a point break with a right wave. There is a mix of groundswells and wind swells. All stages of the tide are great for surfing. There are many offshore mornings during the peak season and several breaks that have headlands, which provide wind protection. The wind is what makes the waves rideable and pretty clean. The size of the wave ranges from 2 ft to 6 ft long 150/250m. Can get crowded from time to time, and you will find a lot of beginner surfers here as the water is shallow.

Please note that when visiting the Elephant Rock, it would be much safer when going with a group of people or another person with you as there are active crocodiles in the lagoon and elephants will pass in the area.


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